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Celebrate Summer With Fun Team Building Events

Every season is a good time to use team building events to strengthen company culture and team bonds. But if you asked your employees to pick the best time to have a team building event, in most cases summer time would be the winning answer. Summer’s warm, sunny weather puts everyone in a cheerful mood, making it a great time to create connections and bring your teams together. The beautiful weather also allows summertime team building events in Mississauga to be hosted outside or include sun seasonal activities that create unique and lasting memories.

Why Summer Time Is The Right Time For Team Building Events

So, you’ve been brainstorming team building event ideas and wondering when to plan your events. Before you make any decisions, read on to discover why a summertime event may help you get the best results from your efforts.

It’s The Best Time To Re-engage Employees

The sunshine tends to make people think about their summer vacations, so it’s easy for employees to become less productive as they daydream about barbecues, swimming, and stress- free days. Getting employees out of the office to play reinforces bonds, re-engages employees, and helps counter summertime slumps. Purposeful and well thought-out team building events will motivate everyone to recommit to their tasks and to the company’s goals.

The Timing Works

You may think that people’s social calendars are too full during summer, but for most people it’s actually a little less hectic than the rest of the year. Kids are out of school and involved in fewer activities, the holidays are months away, and the year-end push is still far off.

It’s Easier To Connect

Summer time tends to feel more casual, more fun, and worry-free. This general attitude means people tend to be in a happier mindset and are more interested in and open to creating and reinforcing bonds.

Embrace What The Season Has To Offer

When the lazy, hazy days of summer are in full swing, sometimes it just makes the most sense to embrace them! Employees will appreciate that you are making the effort to let them enjoy the warmer weather and have some fun. In the long run, companies will notice better performance and innovation by making summer a time that employees can enjoy together as a team, while still working towards company goals. In addition, team building events held in the summer means you can be outside, which is an added bonus for your employee’s physical and mental health.

Ideas For Team Building Events For Mississauga Businesses

There are lots of team building event ideas to consider when you start planning your summer team building event. Not only should you consider the location, timing and type of activity you want to do, but you also need to consider how the event is all going to come together. Finding an event partner that can not only customize events to your needs, but also handle logistics and the finer details, will make the event much more enjoyable.

SommEvents specializes in fantastic wine-related team building events in Mississauga are the surrounding areas. We can help you build an event that your team will remember. Some of our popular team building event options include:

  1. Blend and bottle a team wine.

  2. Hiking through wine country.

  3. Cooking class with wine pairing.

We’d love to hear your ideas so that we can match what you are looking for with the right venue, food, and of course, the right wine. Let us build an event that will have your team raving about what a great time they had. Contact SommEvents to learn more about how we can work together.


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