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Plan The Perfect Autumn Wine Event

The arrival of autumn brings stunning scenery across Ontario. As the leaves change and showcase vibrant colours and the air becomes crisp, it truly is a fantastic time for enjoying wine events and participating in wine courses. While wine events are a great idea at any time of year, autumn makes a strong case for being one of the best times to enjoy them.

When then nights become cooler and morning mist covers the vines, it’s harvest time in wine country. What makes autumn a more unique time to host or participate in a wine event is that you can immerse yourself in the wine making process, in addition to doing wine tastings. The fall season brings with it a tension and excitement as winemakers work to bring in the grapes and begin winemaking. If you’re looking to impress your guests (even those who consider themselves to be a wine connoisseur), a wine event this fall might be just the way to do it.

Benefits Of Hosting A Wine Event In Autumn

We’ve already mentioned the spectacular scenery that the fall season will naturally bring, but if you want to plan any wine events during this fantastic season, make sure you’re incorporating the best it has to offer.

Take Advantage Of The Weather

Autumn weather is often the perfect balance that appeals to just about everyone. It’s not too hot, but not too cold either. This means that you can still enjoy wine events or wine courses in outdoor spaces, and spend some time in the vineyards without sweating! Incorporating bike riding through wine country can also be much more enjoyable in autumn.

The Harvest

The fall is a very busy time for wineries, but that also means that there’s lots to see and experience. If you are planning a wine event this fall, make sure you incorporate some information about the autumn wine making process. While it’s always great to learn about wine tasting and wine pairings, add the unique opportunity for your guests to learn about the intricacies of how great wine is made. While those participating in your event may be new to wine or a wine connoisseur, just about everyone will be impressed with the science and precision that goes into making exceptional wine.

The Food

It’s not just the wine that’s being harvested! Autumn is full of bountiful local foods that can be incorporated into wine events. Seasonal flavours like apple and pumpkin can be paired with local wines as part of a food and wine pairing event, or you can host a wine maker’s dinner using farm to table cuisine.

Start Planning Your Autumn Wine Event

When summer turns to fall, people start to get back into their routines and it can almost feel like the start of a new year. Whether you want to motivate your employees, celebrate an achievement, or reconnect with clients, a wine event in autumn is a powerful way to bring people together to refocus and reenergize. SommEvents specializes in creating custom wine events that are unique and memorable. To find out more about creating a wine event this fall, contact us. From showcasing the best the season has to offer, to making sure your guests are comfortable and engaged, we’ll take care of every detail!


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