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The Right Wine for Every Event

Q – What kind of party doesn’t require wine?

A – It was a trick question; EVERY party needs wine; otherwise, it isn’t much of a party, at least in our books!

The real question is which wine do you serve at which event? Is it okay to serve champagne at backyard BBQ? What will people think if I serve up Malbec at a wedding? Is boxed wine too tacky for Christmas? We already know that wine needs to be matched with the right food to accentuate the strengths of both. Same goes for pairing wine with events. You want them to compliment each other just right. Here is something to get you started:

The Basics

The first thing to remember is wine preference is completely subjective; the heart wants what the taste buds love. Each person is going to have their favourite wine and their personal idea of what makes a good bottle of wine. You can’t please everyone all the time. But, you can make most people content with some good choices. At a party, try and widen your selection so you are meeting as many tastes as possible. In North America, red wines are generally preferred to white wines at parties, but you should still be serving both red and white. What types of red and white wine? To start, try a Shiraz and Merlot for the red wine fans and a Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay for the connoisseurs of white wines. Something else to consider is the region where the wines are from. You may want to mix wines from both New World and Old World regions. New World wines (from the regions of South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the U.S.) while Old World wines (come from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Greece). With a blend of both you are sure to appeal to most people’s taste.

Fancy Dinners

We’ve talked in earlier blogs about how the wrong pairing of food and wine can ruin the taste of both. So, what would be the best bottle to serve at your big dinner party? Consider what you are serving. The type of wine that goes with dinner completely depends on the food. Usually, it is best to start the evening with white wine, which is lighter. A good bottle of Sauvignon Blanc will go nicely with salad or lighter finger food. If the main course is fish, you can continue to serve white wine as it won’t dominate the flavour of the food. Red is more robust and is a good match with the main courses. Merlot goes well with chicken or pork while Pinot Noir pairs well with creamy sauces. Serving Italian food? Then a good bottle of Barbera or a Tuscan red. Red meats are best paired with a full bodied wine such as a Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Remember to serve the wine from white to red and from light to heavy.

Casual Dinner

Keeping it casual at a BBQ? That doesn’t mean you have to stick with beer! Like we always say: wine goes with everything! Try a Malbec with your BBQ burger. Pizza? Well, it’s Italian, so go with Chianti. The perfect pizza wine!


Mark any special occasion with Champagne or Proseco or Cava. Sparkling is always a great way to celebrate that special occasion, whether you are 2 or 22. So, make sure you have a few bottles handy if you are celebrating an important milestone.

Interested in learning more about pairing wine with food? How about a class on wine etiquette? Or what about getting outside for a vineyard tour? We can do all of that, and much more, SommEvents. A full-service events provider, SommEvents specializes in matching your event with the world of wine. Team-building, staff appreciation, client retention, or just a big Thank You to your customers, we can say it all with wine. Whether it is a corporate function or a fun event with friends, SommEvents offers a full variety of options. We will match your needs every time. Discover wine with friends at SommEvents.


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