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Wine Gifts

What makes our wine gifting program unique?

Whether it is wine, spirits or wine accessories, we provide a fully customized experience, right down to the box it comes in! At SommEvents, we think of the personal touches that will make your clients smile and fine details to show your appreciation so that you don’t have to.

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All beverages (wine, spirits, coffee or tea) are accompanied with a tasting card with a description of what to expect when taking your first sip. This card can also be customized with your logo! Our wines are not available in retail stores, ensuring a unique gift every time.


Keeping a unified look in your business and branding does not have to stop at gift giving. Share with us your brand kit and we will customize your packaging to keep it all on brand.


Want to have ready-to-go gifts on hand? We will set you up for success every time with a personalized note and consistent packaging, just how you like it. We make the act of giving easy by delivering it to your office or directly to the recipient – no stress added!


See our store for more gifting items to elevate your packages.


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Don’t see what you are looking for in these selections?
Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. We are happy to create the experience you are looking for.

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