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3 Best Wines to Enjoy With Your Turkey and Stuffing

Bring the Right Wine to Your Holiday Meal

As you know, there are so many different kinds of wine, it can be intimidating to select the right wine to go with your holiday meal of turkey and stuffing. Some wines are made to have on their own, some wines are made to cellar and wait decades to drink and there are some wines that are made to have with food, all kinds of food.

Some people have very different opinions on what wine to drink with holiday fare.

I am happy to share with you some of my thoughts about the subject of turkey and stuffing paired with a variety of wines, such as rosé, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon and syrah.

A Holiday Turkey Goes Best With These Wines

Starting with a rosé wine to go with turkey and stuffing, which I really enjoy when the stuffing is a light one. A friend of mine does a stuffing with cheese and mild sausage which keeps the stuffing lighter than the traditional bread stuffing. With this cheese and sausage stuffing, I enjoy a nice dry rosé wine from Provence, France. This keeps the wine lighter and fresh to go with the turkey and a side of stuffing.

An ideal wine for turkey and stuffing is a pinot noir from Europe. I specify from Europe as the pinot noir from the west coast of North America tends to be much more full-bodied and could over-power the meal. Then you have the pinot noir from New Zealand which is a nice in-between that is also enjoyable with turkey and stuffing. Pairing a pinot noir with your turkey and stuffing keeps the wine and meal well balanced so that neither the food nor the wine takes over but are very enjoyable together.

For those of you who enjoy that full-bodied cabernet sauvignon or syrah/shiraz, this pairs very well when your stuffing has nuts, bread and sausage in it. This is usually a stronger stuffing and has a distinctive taste. This is when a full-bodied wine is a good pairing to go with the turkey and stuffing.

If you are bringing the wine for the turkey and stuffing holiday meal, ask your host what type of dressing he/she will be making and pair the appropriate wine to go with it. You will give all the guests at the table a new experience of pairing your wine with your turkey and stuffing dinner.Enjoy your turkey and stuffing this holiday with a new twist on your wine selection!

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