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Planning a Corporate Event? Why a Wine Tasting Event Should Be on Your List of Activities.

I see the puzzled look on some people’s faces when I talk about using wine events for corporate events. I can see in their expression, they can’t make the connection between the two, corporate event and wine event!

When you are having a corporate event or a client retention event, what are you doing? You are bringing most of your clients together to either celebrate an occasion or you want to share some news with them. Right? How does a wine event fit in?

Usually when we are celebrating or bringing people together, whatever the reason, we serve them food and drink. That is how we do it in this century. Maybe a long time ago they did something else, but that must have been ages ago because this has been a tradition for many centuries.

We, at SommEvents, like to think that since you will be serving food and drink to your guests, why not do it with intent and purpose. Give your corporate event guests another reason to remember you and the event. Create an occasion that will be memorable and will appeal to all your guests.

There is always something new to learn about wine. Either a new varietal, a different food pairing, a new blend of wine, and list goes on. Even the most knowledgeable people in the wine industry will tell you they are always learning and discovering new wines. This creates the perfect occasion to share food and wine with your guests and give them an experience they will remember. Sharing with others and creating a learning opportunity during your client retention or corporate event will make it memorable. When people learn together, share something new together, and discover something new together, they will bond! When people bond, they remember who they bonded with and at which occasion. That is what you want from your corporate event.

When you are planning a corporate event, making it memorable is a priority. Give them something else to remember your event, give them a wine tasting they are not about to forget. At SommEvents we carefully execute all the details for you. From which wines to select, which food to pair with the wines, how the service will be done, the proper wine glasses for each wine, the servers or sommeliers to introduce and speak about the wines, these are just some of the details we will look at for your corporate event. We will work with your caterer or bring in our own, we will work with the facility where you want to host your corporate event or we can find an interesting location for you. No matter what the detail, SommEvents will be happy to work with you and your team to make it a memorable corporate event.

No matter how well travelled or how much wine education your guests have, we can assure you that we can share something new with them. Impress your clients and host a wine event that will make your corporate event memorable and remarkable.

Contact us at Sommevents by phone, email or text: (416) 464-3575, 1-833-895-3575.


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