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Classic Holiday Drink

Classic holiday drink with mulled wine

Mulled wines are a time-honoured holiday tradition around Christmas in most old-world countries. They can add some warmth to our cold and short winter days and have evolved over time. I am often asked where the tradition stems from, and what kind of wine to use when making mulled wines and classic holiday drinks.

What is mulled wine?

Mulled wine can be served either warm or as a cold drink and uses the following ingredients:

  1. Simmering wine

  2. Brandy or Cognac

  3. Sugar and spices such as cinnamon and star anise

It’s History

According to Wikipedia, mulled wine originated in Rome during the 2nd century, and was first recorded as spiced and heated. The Romans would use the heat from the wine to protect their bodies against the winter weather. When the Romans had defeated Europe, their love for mulled wine spread across the commonwealth and the regions they traded with. In Nordic countries like Sweden, mulled wine is referred to as, gløgg (sometimes spelled as glog or glug) as is a popular drink of choice during the Christmas season.

There are lots of different variations of mulled wines recipes. We share a few of our favourite classic holiday drinks and mulled wine recipes below.

Mulled Wine Recipes

Classic Mulled Red Wine Recipe

  1. 4 oz red wine (preferably zinfandel)

  2. 2 oz unfiltered apple juice/cider

  3. 5 allspice berries

  4. 1 cinnamon stick

  5. orange peel for garnish

  6. 1 oz brandy* (*optional)

Party-Sized Mulled Wine Recipe

  1. 1 bottle (750 ml) red wine (preferably zinfandel)

  2. 1 1/2 cups unfiltered apple juice/cider

  3. 3 Tbsp allspice berries

  4. 5 cinnamon sticks

  5. orange peels for garnish

  6. 6 oz brandy* (*optional)

Directions: In a large pot, heat the apple juice, wine, and spices together on the stove just until it starts to bubble on the sides of the pot (94º C). Strain the liquid into a glass and garnish with a curl of orange peel.

Tip! If you can’t find zinfandel red wine, try Primitivo from Italy as it is the same grape varietal. Some recipes also call for white wine as an option and some add port or Cognac to their mulled wines. Feel free to add fruit such as raisins and figs and some fresh ginger. Add what you like and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Not crazy about mulled wines, try this seasonal cocktail!

Prosecco & Apple Cider (Recipe thanks to Brenda Sills, world-renowned travel agent)

  1. Mix cinnamon and sugar on a plate large enough to hold the rim of your glass

  2. Use a bit of lemon on the rim of the glass

  3. Press the rim of your glass in the plate of cinnamon and sugar

  4. Pour ½ prosecco and ½ apple cider – or to your taste

  5. Serve cold and enjoy


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