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How Does Wine Tasting Help Build Corporate Team Bonding?

I often see the puzzled looks when I talk about how wine tastings are used to create team bonding, and I understand that this can seem like a bold idea.

Bold ideas are a good thing!

At SommEvents, we create all kinds of experiences — using wine — to create team bonding.

Here is one idea we use to create teams and watch them bond together:

We randomly choose people from the group to create new teams and put them to work at an experience they have never had before. This gives the groups an opportunity to work together to solve a problem or guess a type of wine, or even create their own Bordeaux-style wine. When people are out of their element, creating or doing something new, a bond is developed among those who share the experience.

No special skills are required to participate in these experiences, but it is wonderful to see which skills people bring to the experience.

Often, the group will see skills in one of their teammates that they never witnessed before.

For example, someone will have a great nose and can detect aromas the others can’t, making it easier for that person to help the team decide which wine they are tasting.

How about the person you have never seen take the lead on a project, who all sudden organizes the team and directs the whole operation to win the contest?

At one of our events, the winery owners liked the marketing pitch of a new wine so much, they asked the team if they could use the name of the wine they had made up.

We see that happen at every one of our events… someone comes out shinning and surprises the rest of the group.

How will your group surprise you?

A team bonding experience can take as little as two hours or it can be a full-day event. We can come to your office or we can take your group to a winery, extending the experience for a full day.

Does someone in your group have special needs? Let us know and we can accommodate them. Do you want us to join your group at a different location where you are having your annual meetings or retreat? We can arrange that as well.

Let us know what you want to achieve, and where.

Contact us and we can make a wine event happen for your group!


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