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Make Every Glass Count- How to get the most out of your wine

Wine is not beer. That is not to say there is anything wrong with beer; most people like to enjoy a pint. But, drinking wine is not the same as drinking beer. Most bottles of beer are going to taste the same as every other bottle from the same brand; they are indistinguishable from one another. But for wine, each bottle is distinct with its own taste, aroma, and sensation. You don’t drink a glass of wine as much as you experience it. It isn’t something to be rushed but savored. Here are a few ways to get the most out of your wine:

Do Your Homework

Before your purchase, do a little research; some pre-reading can help you make a choice when faced with dozens of different options at the wine store. Maybe start by trying to pair your wine with whatever food you might be serving. Understanding where your wine is from will help you appreciate it more.

Let it Breathe

Allow your wine to “breathe” before serving it. Exposing it to some oxygen will allow the wine to oxidize which releases the aroma and can improve the taste. The amount of time a wine should breathe is dependent upon the wine. It should be noted that if you just take the cork out of the bottle and set it aside, only a small fraction will receive oxygen. Pour it into a glass. You could also use a decanter, which is a glass container used to hold wine.

Swirl it

Once you’ve allowed your wine to breathe, you want to do more to release the aromas and taste. Swirl it around in your glass. There is no preferred method of swirling, but you don’t need to be aggressive. A gentle swishing with your hand will suffice.

Sniff it

You’ve probably noticed people doing this before; bringing their nose close to the wine and taking a deep breath. Just like swirling, you don’t need to try too hard. Just get close to the wine and breathe deeply; try to envision what scents you are getting. It may help to close your eyes. Remember: it isn’t a test. Don’t be afraid of getting a wrong answer. The smell is subjective.

Don’t Gulp it

Wine is meant to be tasted and the flavors are to be experienced; do not down it like a shot of tequila. Let the wine sit in your mouth; subtly move it around your mouth and try to pick up the individual flavors and notes. Enjoy it.

Talk About it

Drinking wine is best experienced as a social activity with friends. Discussing and sharing the wine experience with others will enhance your enjoyment and help you learn more.

Do you have more questions about enjoying a good glass of wine? Contact us at

Does your next corporate event need a new idea?

A corporate wine event is a fantastic way to host client retention, customer appreciation, or an employee team-building party. At some events, we specialize in matching your corporate event with wine. Whether it is a wine-tasting class, a wine etiquette class, a winery tour, or a wine-paired meal, SommEvents will make everything better with wine. Contact us today and learn how we can help make your event a memorable one…with wine!


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