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Food And Wine Pairing Tips For Beginners

When you dine out or enjoy a meal with family and friends, chances are that at least one person has some knowledge about wines and which type of wine would nicely compliment the food that is being served. Is that person you? If not, it could be! Even if you’ve never taken a wine tasting course before, knowing some basic tips and tricks will make any beginner seem like they’ve been taking wine classes.

While not everyone will always enjoy the same food and wine pairings, understanding which wines typically compliment different foods will help you discover wines and appreciate their differences.

Basic Facts Of Food And Wine Pairing

You can take a wine tasting course that focuses both on wine varieties and foods to pair them with, which can help wine beginners understand the basics of wine and food pairings. However, the information below can serve as a quick guide when trying to create complementary pairings.

  1. Acidity in wine pairs well with fatty and sweet foods.

  2. Fatty foods need either an acidic or high alcohol wine, otherwise, the wine will taste flat.

  3. A dry and bitter tasting wine is best balanced with sweet food.

  4. Alcohol can be used to cut through fatty foods or balance a sweet dish.

  5. Light foods go best with light wines.

  6. Match the weight of the wine with the weight of the food.

  7. Pair to the strongest flavour in the dish.

  8. Acid in wine joined with the acid in food will result in sweeter flavours.

  9. Opposites can work, so consider pairing sweet with spicy.

  10. Smoked foods pair well with oaky wines.

Wine Classes Make Great Team Building Events

One of the best ways to discover wines is by taking wine classes with a group. If you are looking for a team building event in the Mississauga area, consider a wine and food pairing class at SommEvents. In addition to providing your teams with a fun and informative team building event, you will also be giving your employees a chance to learn new skills that can boost their business performance.

Wine focused team building events will allow you and/or your employees to:

  1. Impress clients by picking the right wines at business dinners or events.

  2. Be able to select wine gifts that complement the preferences of clients, suppliers or vendors.

  3. Feel more confident in business social settings, and share insightful comments and information about wines.

Wine focused team building events for Mississauga businesses can be planned and executed by SommEvents. We’ll take care of all the details and can even customize events to reflect your business style and your team dynamics. You can learn more about our event options by visiting our website. To get started on creating a memorable team building event, contact SommEvents to learn more about the fun events we can host and create!


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