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Promote Employee Team Bonding With Wine Events

When you announce that you’re planning a team bonding exercise for your employees, the last thing you want to be met with is bored sighs and unengaged faces. Depending on their past experiences, team bonding events can have a bad reputation among some employees. Thankfully, much has changed in the team building landscape, and there are many uniquely designed programs and events that will not only be positively memorable, but can also help companies reach specific goals for their team. And it just so happens that wine events fall into that category.

Choosing a team bonding event, like a wine tasting class or a wine course, can help your team get focused on learning something new and working together toward a common goal. In addition to having fun, they will also gain a memorable experience that bonds them together.

Why Choose A Wine Event

Unique experiences like a wine course or a wine tasting event are useful for building effective working relationships because people are grouped together and made to do something unfamiliar. This, in turn, forces them to depend on each other to figure it out.

If you’re not quite sure what a team building wine event may entail, here are some ideas:

  1. Wine blending – have your team create your own blend of wine. Learn about the different varietals and then bottle your own blend. This is an excellent collaborative activity.

  2. Wine tasting class – this is a great opportunity to let team members share a bit about themselves. You’ll be surprised to learn who knows what about wine and what type of wines each person prefers. From a blind tasting session to pairing wine and cheese together, this type of event helps teams learn something new together.

  3. Wine trivia – this is a great wine event if your group has a competitive spirit. Teams can be created and multiple tasks assigned such as matching varietals, exploring wine history, and creating the perfect wine pairing.

It may surprise you to hear that wine events are known for improving employee morale and being an effective tool for fostering better communication. And you can guarantee that everyone on your team will have a great time!

Bring Your Team Together With A Unique Wine Event

When you work with SommEvents, we’ll create a unique wine event specifically designed with your team and your goals in mind. We can create innovative and fun ways to bring your team together, regardless of whether you choose a full-day or half-day event. To start planning a team building activity, such as a wine tasting event or a wine pairing, contact SommEvents. We’d be happy to walk you through some options, and learn more about how we can work together to create a team bonding event your group will love.


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