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Tips for Your First Wine-Tasting Experience

A question often asked of a sommelier (wine expert) why there are so many different types of wine.

Such a great question! My answer, there are as many wines as there are different taste buds. Everyone will taste wine differently one from the other.

With access to wines from all over the world, there is no shortage of blends or varietals to try and to enjoy. That being said, taking the time to learn about what you are drinking and be able to understand the depths and flavours of the wines you are tasting are just some of the reasons why attending a structured wine tasting is a good idea.

If you haven’t participated in wine tasting events before, here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you enjoy your first wine tasting. Whether you attend a specific event or enroll in a wine tasting class, knowing these few pieces of information can help prepare you for the experience.

  1. Listen and be open minded. You really can learn a lot at a wine tasting! Not only about the wine itself but about different geographic locations, how wine is made and the differences between wine and grape types, known as varietals.

  2. Learn the techniques on how to taste wine. Using these techniques can really enhance the flavours you taste and get the most from your experience.

  3. Smell and sip. When you are doing a wine tasting, take the time to smell the wine before you taste it. When wine tasting, take small sips of wine. Slow down and savour the wine!

  4. Feel free to say what comes to your mind. There will be lots of different flavours that come out with each wine you taste and there is no wrong answer. You may taste dark chocolate and someone else may taste oak – it really will vary and that is part of the experience!

  5. Ask questions. People in the wine industry are passionate about what they do and love to talk and educate those who are interested. Asking questions can really help you decipher what you taste and smell.

  6. Are those snacks? You may notice that there are crackers available during a wine tasting. The crackers are a way for you to cleanse your palate between wines, and aren’t really meant for just snacking. There will also be water available to cleanse your palate – either options works!

  7. Be ready to spit. Spit buckets are common during wine tasting. While that may sound odd, keep in mind that you may be tasting a lot of wine and consuming it all might not be the best idea.

  8. Bring something to take notes. You will want to be able to write down all the new favourites you discover!

  9. Be ready to shop. To make your wine tasting experience even more memorable, grab a bottle or two of the favourites you tasted during the event when shopping is an option.

  10. And of course, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself and have fun.

If you are looking for a wine tasting class to attend, SommEvents offers a wide variety of options that are great for wine lovers of all experience. To find out more about our events and services, be sure to contact SommEvents and connect with us on Facebook.


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