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Wind Down From The Busy Holiday Season With A Wine Tasting Event

The holiday season can feel like a hectic time of year for so many reasons. In addition to holiday celebrations and events, many companies experience their busiest sales period in the final few months of the year. While there still may be time to fit in a little holiday cheer in December, why not treat your hardworking employees to a special event like a wine tasting class or a wine tasting event in the New Year to celebrate all that was accomplished during that peak season?

Hosting an event in January may sound a bit unusual, but it’s actually becoming a smart trend as more and more companies recognize that it’s a great time to reward and motivate employees. Start the New Year off right by sharing your past year’s successes, congratulating your team, and setting positive intentions and goals for the year ahead.

Why Host A Wine Tasting Class In The New Year?

So, while you may be on board for hosting an employee recognition event in the New Year, here are a few reasons why choosing something unique like a wine tasting event is one of the best options.

  1. A New Experience.Remember, your goal is to reward your employees based on their outstanding performance during the holidays – one of your busiest times of the year. Even though you may be tempted to repeat a similar event you’ve had in the past or simply take the team out for a meal, choosing to do something unique like a wine tasting class will be much more memorable. Employees will truly feel valued when they see that you’ve put some thought into building an experience for them that’s both unique and fun.

  2. Increased Attendance.Year-end schedules are already jam-packed, and people just can’t say yes to everything. When your employees are already feeling burnt out based on a very busy work schedule, adding a work holiday party doesn’t always result in the best attendance. However, once January hits, people are more rested, the holiday frenzy has settled down and your team will be keen to celebrate the results of all their hard work over the past few months. Not to mention, when employees learn that they’ll get to participate in something fun, like a wine tasting class, don’t be surprised when everyone RSVPs yes!

  3. Incorporate Your Goals For The New Year.The event should focus on celebrating your wins over the busy holiday season, but hosting an event in the New Year also gives you an opportunity to review upcoming goals, encourage teams to bond together, and to get employees motivated to continue the great work they’ve been doing.

Ready To Host A Fantastic Wine Tasting Event To Celebrate Your Employees?

Hosting a wine tasting class or event in January should be different than if you were hosting the same event in December. With the holidays behind us, think about exploring lighter wines than those you might have chosen before the holidays. SommEvents has a wealth of experience when it comes to creating ideal wine tasting events for corporate groups and teams. We can work with you to define an event that will enable you to celebrate your successes, all while learning something new and walking away feeling ready to tackle the New Year ahead. To find out more about working with SommEvents to create the perfect event for your team, contact us!


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