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Did You Know? Facts About Wine

Did you know that California is the fourth-largest wine producer in the world? Or how about that women are generally better wine tasters than men because their sense of smell is stronger? As far as we can tell you wine facts, wine has been a part of world culture for almost ten thousand years. It has made an appearance in every region on the planet and played a role in all cultures. Wine has made fortunes, played significant roles in countries, and has even caused riots! Here are a few interesting wine factoids that you can impress your friends with at the next wine class.

  1. Humankind has been drinking wine for almost ten thousand years. Archeological findings show evidence of wine consumption in China dating back to 7,000 BC; evidence of the oldest winery was found in Armenia and dates back to 4,100 BC.

  2. In 500-600 AD, the upper classes drank wine from a small cup with a thin stem while the lower classes used clay goblets. The Saxons introduced gold and jewel-encrusted goblets that had no stem and had to be taken as one drink.

  3. Wine glasses have their unique shape for a reason: the curved rim at the top helps to contain the aromas. The reason for the stem is so the fingers don’t touch the part of the glass that holds the wine; the body heat might spoil the taste.

  4. Wine is usually made from grapes, but it doesn’t have to be. In different parts of the world, wine aficionados can get a glass of wine made from pumpkins, rose petals, chocolate, entire snakes, honey, and tiger bone. That last one might get you in trouble though as tigers are considered endangered.

  5. Red wines are fermented with grape skins which makes them red; white wines are fermented with grapes where the skins have been separated.

  6. Not all wines improve with age. Most are ready to drink immediately and are not meant to be stored. Few will last longer than a decade.

  7. One of the most expensive wines is the Chateau Margaux 1787 which has been priced at $500,000. In 1989, a waiter knocked over a bottle and shattered it. Insurers paid out $225,000 for the broken bottle.

  8. Full-bodied red wine is best served with rich and heavy foods, so it is best served with meat. On the other hand, white wine or lighter red wines are served with white meat and fish, as it is lighter.

  9. In medieval times, people were encouraged to drink beer and wine as opposed to water because it was cleaner and safer. There might have been an ulterior motive for this encouragement though; churches and monasteries derived much of their income from winemaking at the time.

  10. When Tutankhamen’s tomb was discovered in 1922, they found him buried with explicitly labeled jars of wine. It takes one ton of grapes to make 720 bottles of wine; each bottle is typically made up of 2.8 lbs of grapes

Wine Facts

As you can see, wine is intimately connected with world history and culture. It has touched all facets of celebration for thousands of years.

Another fact about wine: it brings people together and it is always fun!

At SommEvents, we add the magic of wine to our events.

Need a special day for your staff? Want a unique event for a product launch?

Nothing would be more special than a tour of a local winery!

How about a special ‘Thank You’ to your customers? A wine and food pairing event would show your appreciation. Or maybe a special Wine Etiquette class for you and your friends so you can learn the proper way to enjoy the vintage. At SommEvents, you will discover wine and have a great time doing it! Contact us today to find out what we can add to your event.


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