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Ignite A Conversation With Wine Tasting Events

Wine tasting events are a great way to promote employee bonding and team building. Well-planned team building events provide an opportunity for colleagues to build connections through conversation. Did you know that when colleagues are genuinely interested in others and in building relationships, it will ease the stress of deadlines and the strain of big projects? Work relationships are instrumental in helping your team succeed. After all, people respond better to those they know, and those who show a real interest in their lives.

A team building event in Mississauga with SommEvents can do a lot to help get your teams talking to each other and ignite conversations that help build understanding and respect. Well-executed wine tasting events for corporate teams can lead to:

  1. Building better projects.

  2. Being more open to ideas and willing to lend a hand to get them approved.

  3. Providing each other with additional support when needed, without being prompted to do so.

Use Wine Tasting Events To Build Connections

When your team has strong relationships with colleagues, you’re far more likely to enjoy a culture built on respect. A respectful environment means that when people speak, others will openly listen to what is being said. Even when co-workers don’t completely agree with an idea, they’ll still be more likely to take a chance and offer approval or supportive feedback if they value their team member as both a person and a professional.

If you’re looking for a unique team building event in Mississauga, leave it to SommEvents to develop a memorable event your team won’t soon forget. In addition to giving people an opportunity to learn something new, wine events offer plenty of opportunity for interesting conversation, as wines are often associated with experiences and life events.

For example, wine events can get your team to share more about:

  1. Where and when they’ve travelled and what wines they enjoyed during their trip.

  2. Special wines that remind them of a wedding, honeymoon, or other personal celebrations.

  3. Wines they’ve received as gifts and why the gift was given.

  4. Wines they serve regularly when hosting personal occasions like book clubs, family get-togethers, wine clubs, etc.

While it’s nice to get out as a team and celebrate milestones and achievements, don’t forget to also include activities and opportunities that allow your team to get to know each other better and come together as a more cohesive group.

Let SommEvents Be The Event Expert For Your Next Team Building Event

We know you want your next team building event in Mississauga or Toronto to support the development of a high functioning and high-performance team. At SommEvents, we’ll create the ideal wine event for your group that will not only foster meaningful conversations but will help your team walk away with a greater desire to help and support their colleagues. To find out more about our event options and how we can work together to build an event for your team, contact us!


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