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Impress Your Clients With The Perfect Wine Tour

Impressing your clients doesn’t have to be a huge hassle or a stressful experience. Corporate wine events are an excellent way to make a lasting impression and leave your clients feeling valued and important. When you choose to work with a corporate wine event expert like SommEvents, we’ll handle the entire event from start to finish. We can produce a customized itinerary that suits the specific needs, dynamics and preferences of your group.

The perfect wine tour will make sure that everyone in your group has a day to remember. Organizing a corporate wine event means figuring out transportation, food, a wine tasting itinerary, optional games and music, and any wine gifts that may be given as part of the experience.

Building The Right Corporate Wine Event For Your Clients

Asking your clients to join you for a wine course or to discover wines is an invitation that just about everyone will be thrilled to receive. If you’re worried about how a wine tour would suit your group, don’t be. It’s possible to create a custom tour for every type of corporate group. Whether it’s a more formal client meeting or a relaxed celebration, the perfect wine event can be created to suit the dynamics of your group.

There are a lot of moving parts needed to create a corporate wine event that will impress your clients. SommEvents will take over all the logistics and use our expertise to help you and your clients discover wines and have an incredible experience.

Some of the areas we’ll handle include:

  1. We’ll make sure your itinerary is smooth so there is no disappointment or time wasted waiting around.

  2. Specific stops. Want to build in a wine course or a food pairing at one of the winery stops? We’ll coordinate all the details and help you plan the activities you’ll be doing at each location.

  3. Maximize your budget. Based on our knowledge and years of experience, we will ensure you get the best experience while staying within your budget.

  4. Added touches. We will add the right tour guide, special touches when it comes to transportation, and particular takeaways along the way. These special touches are some of the best ways to impress guests and take your wine tour from average to extraordinary.

  5. Support. Once the event day arrives, you want to be able to focus on your clients, not on the details and logistics. When you leave all the execution to the experts, you can enjoy the day and make sure your clients are having a great time, too.

SommEvents Knows What To Do

Just as your organization is an expert in your field, SommEvents is an expert when it comes to corporate wine events, such as wine tours, wine courses, wine education, and wine tastings. You can trust us to build a professional and unique experience that will enhance your client relationships or boost your employee morale. For more information on working with us to build the perfect wine tour for your clients, contact us at


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