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What Does Your Wine Taste Say About You?

What determines your character? North Americans believe that the month you were born and the positions of the planet do. The Japanese are convinced that your blood type decides your personality. And for centuries, the Chinese have firmly claimed that it is the year of your birth that maps out your behaviours. At SommEvents, we believe that everything you need to know about a person can be found in their wine taste! So, what does your taste in wine say about you?

To start, let’s look at some general preferences:


You are a robust wine drinker who likes to drink loudly and with friends. You enjoy drinking with a company and at parties.


White wine drinkers are quieter and tend to drink a little less. Though they don’t shy away from friends, white wine drinkers are comfortable have a quiet glass by themselves at home while watching TV.


If you tend to drift to the pricier wine aisle, you are proud of your knowledge and taste in wine. You are not afraid to say “this is what I like and I want everyone to know it”.

Boxed Wine

Unpretentious and not fussy, boxed wine drinkers just want to get down to the business. They like what they like; not because someone tells them they should like it. Boxed wine drinkers tend to enjoy wine as a social event; they like the camaraderie.


If you prefer to drink wine from France, then you have dreams of going abroad and visiting foreign lands. Romantic and wistful, you love to send your heart and taste buds on exotic adventures.

Now, let’s look at variety:

Cabernet Sauvignon

Strong, assertive, and direct, those who prefer Cabernet Sauvignon have personalities that command attention and demand to be heard.


In contrast, Merlot drinkers are laid back and affable conversationalists; They are easy to get along with and up for anything.

Pinot Noir

Enthusiasts of Pinot Noir are elegant and graceful, but demand to have it their own way.


The life of the party, Shiraz drinkers are the free spirits who dance all night and are spontaneous. They drink life in as much as they drink wine.


The wine-drinkers that everyone likes. Riesling drinkers are very nice and down-to-earth. They give good advice and you can always count on them to be a good friend.

Sauvignon Blanc

Connoisseurs of Sauvignon Blanc are classy and sophisticated. They like complicated conversation and are drawn to complexities. Always an Alpha, they are in charge of everything they do.


Deep and soulful, those who drink Malbec also love long, heart-to-heart conversations. Getting caught up in the detail, be prepared for some serious talks when drinking with them. They prefer a few good close friends than a crowd.

So, what does your wine taste say about you? Want to learn more about wine in a fun and friendly event? At SommEvents, we match your fun event with wine. Whether it is a product launch, a client appreciation day, or a team-building event, SommEvents will make sure that everyone remembers it. Some of our events can include a wine-tasting course, wine etiquette, and even a chef-catered dinner. Whatever you are looking for, we can provide. Discover wines in a fun event-setting. Contact us today!


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